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SorbAll® Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Panels

Specializing in Polyester Acoustic Boards and more

Our SorbAll® Acoustical Wall Panels are the perfect solution for areas that experience excessive reverberation (echo) and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for various applications. We specialize in the most technically advanced acoustic materials in the world.

Our Teatro series is a recycled polyester-fiber felt material that is currently in high demand. The Teatro series offers the widest range of colors in the acoustics industry and are manufactured in the USA, not Asia! Best of all, they are formaldehyde free and can be custom manufactured to meet any specification. These high impact acoustic panels can be used in interior or exterior applications and can usually be delivered with industry best lead times.

Applications for SorbAll® Acoustical Wall Panels include, schools, offices, airports, churches, restaurants, gymnasiums, prisons, corridors, classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums or any area where noise is a problem.

Noise Control Specialist Teatro Series: Polyester Felt Material

Sorball® Teatro Standard PET Board

Versatile, easy to Install, and can be cut to size in the field. This product can be attached directly to a wall, suspended as ceiling clouds, or mounted directly to the ceiling at an economical cost. Available in a full array of colors to create a modern architectural design or layout while offering excellent acoustical properties.

Sorball® Teatro Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels

Our Teatro product line of polyester felt material acoustic wall & ceiling panels are a designer’s dream. A aesthetically pleasing material to meet your acoustical needs in any environment.

Sorball® Teatro-Air Polyester Felt Acoustical Panels

Various shapes and sizes available. The Teatro-Air acoustic panels are designed utilizing an air gap for higher NRC ratings and more sound absorption making the Sorball® Teatro-Air Polyester Acoustical Panels the perfect solution for more demanding acoustic applications when battling a very reverberant interior space with hard reflective surfaces.

Sorball® Teatro-Hex Polyester Felt Acoustical Panels

Sleek and Angular. Our Sorball® Teatro-Hex Polyester Acoustical Panels are extremely versatile and are designed to create an aesthetically pleasing alternative to typical acoustic panels. The Teatro-Hex acoustic panels are designed to fit tightly together and easy to install, making it effortless to create custom geometric patterns on walls or ceilings.

New: Noise Control Specialist Timber-Slats

Sorball® Timber-Slats Wood Acoustic Panels

An architectural acoustics breakthrough! With SorbAll Timber-Slats wood acoustic panels you are getting an economical, gorgeous, easy to install, ready to ship product in 4 popular stains, that have very high NRC properties that will tame excessive reverberation (echo) in any space. With Timber-Slats, you are truly getting a unique and decorative acoustic panel at a low cost. Something unheard of in the acoustics industry.

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