SorbAll® EcoBoard Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

SorbAll® EcoBoard Cloud Panels offers great flexibility in acoustical applications and installations, working as a sound absorption product for wall or ceiling applications. It is an environmentally friendly, polyester acoustical cloud panel developed for interior and exterior applications.

The SorbAll® EcoBoard Cloud Panels are a versatile product that can either be attached directly to a ceiling deck or drywall
or suspended similar to a continuous ceiling. It offers a lot of versatility in layout design and easy alignment in a grid system. EcoBoard Cloud Panels are also one our most economical solutions where budget may be top of mind.

• 60% post-consumer polyester-fiber
• 100% recyclable
• Resists mold, mildew & bacteria
• High tackability
• Impact resistant
• Hypoallergenic, dust-free & formaldehyde-free
• Easy to handle & simple to apply

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  • Excellent acoustical performance
  • High-quality, economical, multi-purpose panels
  • Class A fire rated
  • Various mounting options


  • Available in White, Black, Gray

Sizing & Mounting

Panels are 4' x 8' and available in 1 or 2 inch thicknesses

Suspended from ceiling using mechanical fasteners

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