Paintable Acoustical Panels

SorbAll® Paintable Acoustical Panels Allow Designers The Flexibility To Blend In Or Stand Out When Adding Acoustic Treatment To A Space.

SorbAll® Paintable Acoustical Panels are the perfect solution where a traditional fabric finish is not desired. The acoustically transparent, paintable finish blends well with finished drywall to create a space absent of echo and reverberation. Rather than a textured finish of fabric, these panels provide for an understated, more discreet acoustic finish within a space.

SorbAll® Paintable Acoustical Panels by Noise Control Specialist is part of a Class A rated system tested per ASTM E-84. In standard Signature White, or any RAL or Pantone color.

Available in 1" and 2" thick sizes, these SorbAll® Paintable Acoustical Panels provide a range of NRC values suited to any acoustical solution.

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Features Include

  • Excellent Acoustical Performance
  • Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E-84
  • Wall or Ceiling Options Available
  • Wide Range of Custom Colors
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes

Custom Shapes

While our standard options include various squares and rectangles, our in house CNC capabilities allow us to push the limits of creativity with custom shapes.  Custom shaped panel features include: circles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, ovals, hexagons & more.

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Rotofast™ Snap-on Acoustic Panel Anchors can be used for easy installation. Rotofast Snap-on Anchors are a fast and secure solution for fiberglass core acoustical panel installations on walls and ceilings. Rotofast Snap-on anchors reduce installation time, are easy to use and simple to teach others to use.


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