SorbAll® Industrial Sound Baffles

SorbAll® Industrial Sound Baffles, Wall Panels, and Ceiling Absorbers are used to reduce the reverberation time, lower ambient noise levels, and improve communication in a variety of applications.

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Industrial Baffle Products

polywrap baffles

SorbAll® Polywrap Baffles

Noise Control Specialist's Barricade Polywrap Baffles are a heat sealed polyethylene bag encompassing a sound absorptive fiberglass. The baffles measure 4' wide x 2' high and have (2) grommets along (1) 4' side. White or black facings are available. These efficient, economic baffles offer a high NRC rating at an extremely low cost.


  • Durable Quilled Fiberglass style
  • Economic Polywrapped style
  • Effective, economic method of reducing reverberation
  • Ambient noise reduction up to 10 decibels
  • Class A Flammability Rating per ASTM E-84


sanitary acoustical baffles

SorbAll® Sanitary Baffles

Sanitary Overhead Baffles & Wall Mounted Sound Absorption Panels are an effective, economic method of reducing reverberant noise in areas where sanitary conditions and USDA or FDA approved products are mandatory. Noise Control Specialist uses the latest in film technology to create economic products that are durable, chemically resistant and dimensionally stable.


  • FDA Approved, USDA listed
  • Washable
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 200°F
  • Rip resistant facing
  • Stain Resistant


ultra acoustical baffle

SorbAll® Ultra Baffles

"ULTRA" Sound Absorption Baffles and Wall Panels address customers' needs for high performance, durable, low cost sound absorbers. A virtually rip-proof reinforced polyester film encapsulates the sound absorption core. Standard Overhead Baffles are available in two styles (type "A" and Type "B") and two sizes (2'x 4' and 4'x4'). Ultra Wall Panels are available in a variety of sizes. The bright white facing is light reflective to further enhance the working environment.


  • "Ultra" Acoustical Performance
  • "Ultra" Durability
  • "Ultra" Cleanability
  • "Ultra" Affordability
  • "Ultra" Easy to Install


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