HVAC Soundproofing: BlokAll® Acoustical Plenum Silencer

BlokAll® Acoustical Plenum Silencer for reducing noise transfer between rooms.

Our BlokAll® Acoustic Plenum Silencer is an inexpensive, lightweight, and flexible acoustical sound boot for return air grilles. Our Plenum Silencer will effectively help mitigate noise transfer between adjoining offices, classrooms, or conference rooms with drop ceilings.

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  • Reduces room-to-room crosstalk and transfer noise, increasing room privacy
  • Flexible design allows installation above ceilings without conflict
  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • Less labor, shipping, and handling costs


  • Complete Kit Ready to Install
  • Available in 16'' and 10'' diameters
  • No fibrous materials in airstream
  • Five times lighter than sheet metal return air boot
  • U.L. Classified components - Made in USA

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