SorbAll® Acoustic Ceiling Baffles & Banners

SorbAll® Acoustic Ceiling Baffles & Banners not only offer superior acoustical values but are also lightweight, economical, and easy to install. They are all custom made and are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and colors.

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SorbAll® EcoLine Baffle & Banner Products

SR-100 Ceiling Baffles in Gym

SorbAll® (Semi-Rigid) Acoustic Baffles

Our most economical baffles. They are stitched into a PVC, Sailcloth or fabric finish and hung via grommets. The Semi-Rigid Baffles come in both 1 1/2" and 2" thick and a standard size of 2' x 4' with custom sizes up to 4' x 10'.

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r100 acoustical baffles

SorbAll® (Rigid) Acoustic Baffles

Ideal for applications that require baffles with a "crisp" corner and finished fabric face. Rigid Baffles are all custom made and come in 1" and 2" thicknesses and a maximum size of 4' x 10'.

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acoustical ceiling banners

SorbAll® Acoustic Banners

The ideal product when you have a large open space that requires a lot of sound absorption at an economical price. The banners are designed to be installed via grommets and hang horizontal with your ceiling. They are stitched into a PVC, sailcloth or fabric facing and are available in custom sizes with a maximum of 4' x 25' size.

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paintable acoustical ceiling panel

SorbAll® Paintable Acoustic Baffles

SorbAll® Paintable Acoustic Baffles are the perfect solution where a traditional fabric finish is not desired. The acoustically transparent, paintable finish blends well with finished drywall to create a space absent of echo and reverberation. Rather than a textured finish of fabric, Chroma panels provide for an understated, more discreet acoustic finish within a space.

SorbAll® Paintable Acoustic Baffles have a white fiberglass facing attached to a 1" or 2" thick rigid fiberglass board and have excellent sound absorption (NRC) ratings.

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